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2017 CSSHP
Mounted Patrol had Bedouin from Muskogee, OK,  and Moila from St. Joseph, MO, as the only two participants in the Drill Competition and Parade.  Moila placed first in both the Drill and Parade with Bedouin a close second in Competition.
We hosted a Barn Party on Thursday evening enjoying the local Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que. That evening we were pleased to have a large representation from Abu Bekr even though they were unable to bring their White Horse Patrol.
Saturday evening the participants and guests dined at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse and we were pleased to welcome a large group from India, Oklahoma City, OK, even though they too were unable to bring their horses.
Our venue in Gardner, KS, was very accommodating, especially since the weather was gorgeous for the competition. We are looking forward in two years to exceptional accommodations at Abu Bekr, Sioux City, IA.

Nightshirt Parade

Arab 1st Place, ​ZaGaZig 2nd Place, Abdallah 3rd Place

India Largest Group (please forgive error in reporting Midian 2nd place)

Provost  - pending

Thank you to everyone who attended CSSA 2017

We will be posting competition results as we receive them.  Free to send pictures and we will post as many as we can until Friday, September 8th, 2017.  At time we will send out one last newsletter and CSSA 2017 will be history.  Thanks, Kevin Larson, ​cssa2017@yahoo.com

CSSA LOH convention went without a hitch.

We did not have competitions this year. 

2017 CSSA Parade

Video youtu.be/-HWurKBJQjI 


The Band played at Santa - Cali - Gon Days in Independence on Friday afternoon of CSSA.  More details on the ​CSSA Band Webpage 

CSSA Keystone Kops

As my last order of business, here are our results.

The Bert Cooper Award was given to the Kop within our Association for best exemplifying a Shriner and Keystone Kop. Congratulations to this year's winner, David Norton, Chief Rabban, Tangier. He gets a personal plaque and has to carry the traveling trophy around for the year.

Uniform Line Up Inspection:
#1 Abou Ben Adhem, #2 Midian, #3 Tangier,

#4 Sesostris

Skit Competition:
#1 ABA, #2 Tangier, #3 Midian, #4 Sesostris

Parade Competition:
#1 ABA, #2 Midian, #3 Tangier, #4 Sesostris

Top Kop: ABA
Kops Rule, Bobby Dukes


Abdallah  1st Place in  Ballyhoo, in Fantasy, for Director, and the Grand Champion Award.

Foot Patrol

The Foot Patrol's competition netted Moolah Shrine, directed by Captain Patrick Hensley a 1st place trophy in both floor and parade for Class A. 

Midian Shrine received a 1st place trophy in floor and 2nd in parade in Class B. 

Ararat Shrine received a 1st place trophy in Class B parade and a 2nd place trophy in Class B floor. 

Abu Bekr Shrine received 3rd place trophies in Class B floor and parade. 

Motor Corps - pending

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